The Happy Spirit Test
Step 1
The Healthy Body Test
Step 2

The Happy Spirit Test

Find your Health and Happiness Score by completing The Happy Spirit Test and The Healthy Body Test. Your score is a reflection of your current level of health and fitness. The better health you have, the more freedom you have to enjoy every aspect of your life. After you've completed this one, take the Healthy Body Test to get your total Mind-Body-Spirit Healthy Happy Score. If you are a member of The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge, you'll earn your first badge! Submit this form to find out what your Healthy Happy Score is!

How Happy is Your Spirit?

Complete these quick questions to find out!
1. I am happy with who I am.
2. I spend quality time with the people who are most important to me.
3. I have a strong sense of purpose.
4. My life is...
5. I am physically active for at least 20 minutes
6. I make choices every day.
7. Gratitude and blessings.
8. When life gives me lemons
9. Which statement do you relate to most strongly?
10. My job is (if you're a student, your schooling is)
11. I have achieved everything I want to achieve, and have everything I need.
12. I take good care of myself and my health.
13. I know how to find inspiration, support, and strength when I need it.
14. I have friends and family that I confide in and can count on to support me no matter what.
15. Which one best describes you in the morning?
16. I am easily amused and laugh a lot.
17. I make time for everything I want to do and feel like I have my life under control.
18. I feel alert and energetic
19. I engage in activities that I find rewarding, fulfilling, engaging, and/or challenging
20. How often do you do something to benefit others and/or to enrich yourself?
Select One:
Imagine you live in a 10-story building, with a basement, a luxurious penthouse suite on the 10th floor, and a gorgeous view from the paradise garden on the roof. The roof represents optimal health and happiness, and the basement represents rock bottom. Which floor do you visualize yourself living on right now?
I understand that this information may be used for research purposes. I have completed each answer as honestly as possible. I hereby certify that the information I've provided reflects my current thoughts, feelings, and attitudes.