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The Healthy Body Test
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The Healthy Body Test

Take this short battery of tests to find your Healthy Body Score! If you are a member of The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge you will earn your first badge!

*The Healthy Body Test includes some physically demanding challenges. Do not take the physical challenges if you have heart or medical issues that prevent you from working at a high intensity. Consult your doctor if you are at risk. Are you at risk? Find out HERE

How Healthy Is Your Body?

Complete these measurements and challenges to find out!
1. What is your age?
2. What is your gender? (this is used to measure your health and fitness results)
7. Did you answer YES to one or more questions from the Par Q and you checklist?
8. What is the maximum number of burpees you can perform in one minute, touching your CHEST to the floor with every repetition?
Be sure to WARM UP prior to this test. Jog around a bit, do some squats and do a bunch of large arm circles. Repeat until you literally feel warm. Then set a timer for 1 minute. On "go" perform as many "burpees" as possible before the minute is up. With each repetition, touch your CHEST to the FLOOR, and come up and do a little jump (not a big jump - it takes too long to come down. It's not about height, it's about speed). *If you have a medical condition that prevents you from completing this test, please skip to #10, the 1.5 mile run/walk.
9. What is the maximum number of backdrops you can perform in one minute, touching your shoulder blades to the floor with every repetition?
After you've had time to recover from the frontside-downs, set your timer for 1 minute. On "go" do just the opposite of what you did before. Instead of touching your chest to the floor, this time touch your SHOULDER BLADES to the floor. From standing, you'll lower your backside down, and roll back onto your shoulder blades (it's ok to lift up your feet if you want to, and you do not need to touch your head to the ground), then get back to your standing position any way you can, then do a little jump. That's one rep. Do as many as you can in one minute. *If you have a physical/medical condition that prevents you from completing this test, please skip to #10 the 1.5 mile run/walk.
10. The 12-Minute Run/Walk Test: Find a track or use an app to see how far you can go in 12 minutes. Record your distance here. If you used miles, check the corresponding laps on the chart and enter the number of laps.
Go as far as you can in 12 minutes without hurting yourself. You may run, walk, or alternate between running and walking. If you are on a track, use the number of laps completed. If you are using an app, measure to the nearest mile completed.
11. Functional Sit & Reach: How far can you reach towards your toes?
Sit on the floor with your feet about 10 inches apart, toes straight up. Rock backwards onto your back, bringing your legs with you if you want to, then roll it up and reach towards your toes as far as possible with your legs completely straight. Hold for about 3 seconds. Repeat with the roll-up and stretch until you can reach no farther, then record your reach.

Know Your Numbers

This optional section will help you track important numbers that are indicators of health risk. If you are taking this challenge as part of a diabetes education course, please do your best to include your scores.
12. What are your cholesteral levels?
13. What is your A1C level?
Represented as a percentage.

Systolic (top number)
I understand that this information may be used for research purposes and I attest that I have completed each answer and each assessment test to the very best of my ability. I hereby certify that the information contained herein is as accurate as possible.